IT recruitment in Montreal

Published February 22 2021
Mireille Castonguay, Director of Talent Acquisition & International Recruitment
Mireille Castonguay
Director of Talent Acquisition & International Recruitment
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Understanding market peculiarities to expand our horizons

Technology is central to any organization. Before the 2000s, there was already a shortage of IT talent. The pandemic has accelerated the digital shift, especially in the e-commerce and remote work sectors. The government is doing everything it can to support businesses with programs and funds , but it’s not enough. That means we have to get to work and adapt to the new reality!

Not a recent phenomenon

I’ve seen the Montréal market evolve over time. Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked for IT consulting firms, including in my role as a talent acquisition manager, so I understand first-hand how much change our industry has undergone. According to the ICTC, the number of job vacancies has continued to grow, even during the pandemic. This trend will not reverse any time soon, given that more and more IT graduates end up working in other sectors, like healthcare. That’s why I think companies like Alithya need to cast a wider net and put more emphasis on diversity.

Montréal: a diverse pool of talent

There have always been more men than women in IT. Women make up 20 to 25% of the total IT workforce , and we need to gradually increase that number. Having more women in IT roles will contribute to the industry’s long-term growth. In the near term, we’re also looking to Montréal’s cultural communities. This multicultural city has a huge pool of potential employees. With its unique lifestyle, it attracts professionals from around the country and the world.

Looking abroad

IT skills can be easily transferred. This is a huge advantage for international recruits, who don’t need to retrain in Québec to have their degrees recognized. Internationally-trained professionals can start working as soon as they arrive! This greatly expands our pool of candidates. Residents in countries with economic instability and high unemployment rates often find themselves looking to Canada for opportunities.  Alithya has been promoting the French language around the world and trying to pique people’s curiosity about living and working in Canada. Who knows where we’ll find our next back-end developer?

A constantly evolving company and markets

Because of its size and multiple acquisitions, Alithya has landed many contracts that offer employees interesting challenges. Always at the cutting edge of IT, these professionals can develop their skills and grow their careers by continually adapting to new situations.

Ever since I joined the Alithya team, I’ve seen how much the company is committed to providing a diverse workplace and promoting career development for everyone. In a growing company like ours, there are always lots of exciting challenges!