The first Quality Assurance hackathon in Montreal

Published September 29 2020
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On September 10th, Samiha Salhi-Kacher, Agile coach at Alithya and founder of the Agile quality assurance community in Montreal, organized the first QA hackathon in virtual mode. The event attracted some 30 participants from several business communities.

What on earth is a hackathon?

Today we associate most hackathons with software developers and ambitious entrepreneurs. However, organizations around the world use this method to solve problems and for innovation.

Although the purpose of each community differs, the configuration is generally the same: a face-to-face or virtual event in which participants are challenged to produce some form of innovation.


A long-awaited initiative

This hackathon was organized because of an urgent need to adapt the QA practice in order to integrate with various organizational transformation initiatives, such as agility and DevOps mode.

“It was a very rich experience for me, both professionally and personally, beyond my expectations, and I really enjoyed it. The participants helped make the first 'Meetup' a real success. In fact, this type of exchange makes me feel like a fish in water; if I could, I would do it every day.” -Samiha Salhi-Kacher, Agile coach

During this activity, the participants participated in a Miro Workshop to identify urgent areas for improvement for which solutions needed to be developed.

This first QA hackathon allowed everyone to:

  • Unleash their creativity in a challenging environment through intra- and inter-team emulation and speed;
  • Create team dynamics, and collective intelligence;
  • Network and meet people from other professions with whom one does not necessarily work on a daily basis;
  • Engage employees in an innovation process by promoting intrapreneurship.

Are you passionate about quality assurance and want to share and improve the way in which you work? Join the Agile Quality Assurance Community of Practice to learn more about modernizing and adapting the QA profession to the digital age.

Please note that this hackathon will be extended over 2020/2021 in the form of a monthly “Meetup”, to present the solutions and results of the community’s innovation projects. Click here to stay up to date.