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Webinar: Modernizing Security and Productivity In Your Organization using Oracle Fusion Security

Published July 28 2020

How to Use Excel to Load Roles and Data Access Features to Keep Your Organization Efficient and Secure

Built on the latest technology and proven best practices, Oracle Fusion is a suite of business applications that enables organizations to use innovative technology to elevate their business to a new level of performance. With its role-based, collaborative, and secure design, the Oracle Fusion suite facilitates productivity for users as well as the security functionality necessary in a growing enterprise environment.

Oracle Fusion Applications is secure as delivered, allowing businesses to incorporate an array of security aspects specific to their business needs, using features such as role-based access control (RBAC) to manage business user system access.

This webinar focuses on role and data access provisioning for business users - specifically using Excel.  Attendees will learn how to boost efficiency in the organization while reducing costs with this quick approach, and we’ll provide a brief synopsis of role provisioning and explain how roles and data access are connected.


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