What is Microsoft Azure?

Published September 21 2020 by Reddy Beeram

Microsoft Azure:

You may have heard the term Azure in conversations about IT, but are you still wondering what it is exactly? Concisely, Microsoft Azure is a collection of cloud computing services. It’s a set of cloud services that will usher your organization into Digital Transformation. How? Azure helps by giving you the ability to build and scale applications over a large global pool of hardware and software resources, allowing your business to meet challenges head on and achieve your digital transformation goals faster and easier. Did you know that 90% of Fortune 500 businesses run on Microsoft Cloud today?

What is Azure used for?

Azure is used for a range of business needs including: the collection, use and distribution of data, virtual computing, mobility, high performance compute, disaster recovery and secure connectivity to name a few. With Microsoft Azure you get more than 100 services with great end-to-end tools to drive success. Quickly turn ideas into solutions, engage users in richer ways, manage resources faster and accelerate application delivery.

Microsoft Azure Security:

Is my information in the cloud secure? Trust is a major consideration when it comes to cloud adoption, therefor, there’s nothing more reassuring than solid facts about how safe your data will be in the cloud. Microsoft Azure provides a secure cloud environment for businesses, allowing you to leverage the best technology and security available today.

Businesses obviously want Assurance that their data is accessible by those who need to do their jobs and secured against those who are unauthorized. This is why security, reliability and resiliency are at the forefront of Microsoft’s cloud computing capabilities. It’s about much more than security features, but also about protecting personal data, all while still allowing for the free flow of the right data to the right audience.

The Azure approach to trust is built on the following foundational principals:

  • Security – keeping customer data secure with “The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)”, which ensures security early on and throughout every phase of the development processes. Because Azure is built on leading security technologies, organizations can manage and control user identity and access. Applications and data are protected through a network and infrastructure of technologies. Additionally, Azure offers advanced tools that detect and defend against threats.
  • Privacy – organizations have ownership and control over the collection, use and distribution of customer data. Microsoft does not mine your data. You control where it is located, how it is accessed and on what terms.
  • Compliance – Microsoft helps organizations comply with ever-changing requirements and regulations governing the collection and use of data across local and national geographical boundaries.
  • Resiliency – Azure is there to help avoid potential disasters and quickly recover if the organization does get hit by a disaster. Through Azure’s resiliency, your cloud-based applications can provide high availability, disaster recovery and backup.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) protection – Azure helps protect your IP against infringement claims, including when you develop innovative solutions when working with a cloud provider.

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