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When values go hand-in-hand with service delivery quality

Published March 30 2022
David Dufour, Vice-President (Quebec Business Unit)
David Dufour
Vice-President (Quebec Business Unit)
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When core values are deeply rooted in your methods, you tend to base all of your decisions on them. At Alithya, values are rooted in our DNA. 

Values are intimately-linked themes that motivate our thoughts and business decisions, creating mutual respect within the company. Here are some of Alithya’s core values:  

  • Integrity 
  • Honesty 
  • Trust 
  • Respect 
  • Creativity 
  • Customer engagement 
  • Continuous learning
  • Accountability 
  • Recognition 
  • Innovation  

Why are core values so important?  

They guide our teams in making the right decisions for both our colleagues and our customers 

Our values help our advisors to develop a sense of belonging among colleagues and the company. They subsequently guide and inspire the interventions of those advisors in their mandates by leveraging their skills, experience, and expertise when supporting our clients in the achievement of their business objectives. In other words, our values are embodied by our actions.  

They align our teams 

For example, we are all aligned when it comes to peer recognition. That brings us closer together as a team and helps create a warm, friendly, and collaborative environment. 

They boost motivation 

Teams with instilled values and a clear mission tend to be more engaged and motivated. When team members share company values, you know what behaviours are encouraged. That is reassuring, and it motivates people to work towards common goals in a psychologically safe environment. Those objectives are shared by ourselves and our customers. 

They communicate our principles to our customers 

Since 1992, Alithya has distinguished itself as a leading advisor in strategy and digital transformation. Synergies based on trust between our experts and our customers has positioned the company as a positive agent of change in the market.

They help us to hire the right people 

By embracing a clear set of values, we are able to hire consultants who share those same values. Our values play an essential role in attracting and hiring talented professionals, and in encouraging them to continue to develop within our wonderful organization! 

Determining factors 

To ensure that the importance of core values is instilled in your teams, and to facilitate that sense of belonging, you must first hire the right people. That sense of belonging begins early in the talent acquisition and onboarding process. In my experience, the hiring and promoting of high-performing employees who share Alithya’s values and culture contributes to our social and organizational success. 

Individual values and beliefs can change over time, particularly during periods of significant market transformation. However, by sticking to the plan, and ensuring that your entire team buys into it, you'll have the foundations for building a strong presence in your industry and you’ll be able to adapt to change.