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eBook - Outsourcing Software Testing: Betting on Automation

Many businesses choose to outsource software testing to an external partner. This type of decision, which reduces costs ...

Lisa Dunham
Two Leading CRM Solutions Compared: Dynamics 365 vs. Salesforce
Customer Relationship Management

Dynamics 365 vs Salesforce: Comparing the Two Why do some companies choose Salesforce? Why do some companies choose ...

Emir Dobraca
Specializing in the chemical industry, ...
Staying Agile With Your ERP System

Now that the wave of the novel Coronavirus has washed over the global economy and continues to have a ripple effect, ...

Vatsal Gaonkar
Oracle EPM Cloud for Trend-Based Modeling

  Today’s modern economy - whether related to individuals, communities, organizations, or nations - has a complex ...

Alecs Mlynarzek
Out-of-the-Box Features: Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Services (PCMCS) - Rule Data Validation Report

Welcome back to a new blog post about Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) applications and specifically about the ...

John Patterson
Essbase 19C-20C - First Impressions

The objective of this blog is to get to the bottom of what the new IaaS Essbase (19c and 20c) feels like for those of ...

Webinar - Top 4 Benefits of Azure Cloud and the Keys to a Successful Migration Journey

Get Your Basic Cloud Questions Answered Has Covid-19 accelerated your move to the cloud? Still have questions? Reddy ...

John Theobald
ERP Based PLM for Discrete Manufacturers: Embedding Vs. Integration

When operations in a manufacturing organization function as silos, information sharing and collaboration are difficult ...

Lisa Dunham
7 Reasons Your Organization Should be Using Dynamics 365 Sales Hub App
Customer Service

Between making sure prospects are getting the follow up they need and keeping CRM up to date, your sales professional’s ...

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