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Wayne Paffhausen
I have over 15 years of business and ...
Integrating with Oracle Financials Cloud … the Easy Way!

I recently was engaged to assist on a small project to get data out of Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) and into Oracle’s ...

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Importance and Usage

Unlike my recent blog posts focused on Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) out-of-the-box capabilities, this post ...

Jennifer Alspach
Jennifer is a seasoned marketer with a ...
Top 2020 Manufacturing Trends You Need To Know to Remain Resilient in Face of Uncertainty
Digital Transformation

As we move into the new decade, many manufacturers are preparing for a potential recession that can impede the ...

Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP) In-App Walkthrough

In-App walkthrough of Alithya's Capital Portfolio Planning solution.

Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP) General Overview

General overview of Alithya's Capital Portfolio Planning solution.

Lauren Taylor
Lauren is the ERP marketing manager for ...
Should You Purchase New ERP for Manufacturing

ERP Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are making huge progress in terms of advanced technology, functionality, and ...

eBook: Connected and Proactive Service Maintenance with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Time is not just a valuable asset for you - it’s also valuable for your tenants. Nothing improves customer experience ...

Infographic: Should You Purchase a New ERP System?

ERP solutions are making huge progress in terms of advanced technology, functionality and usability. Is it time for you ...

Mary Bradley
With a diverse background across, ...
Top 4 Business Benefits of a Business Outcomes Workshop
Business Outcomes

Most of the time, when asked why they failed in a technology initiative, a company will reply that they didn’t get the ...

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