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PODCAST - Alithya celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Join Paul Raymond, President and CEO and Pierre Turcotte, Chairman of the Board of Alithya, for a nostalgic journey as they share their insights into the many milestones we have reached as company, while outlining their vision for Alithya's next 30 years of excellence.

Alithya is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year

"A legend grows around a grain of truth, like a pearl." Peter S. Beagle The pearl metaphor lies at the heart of ...

When values go hand-in-hand with service delivery quality

When core values are deeply rooted in your methods, you tend to base all of your decisions on them. At Alithya, values ...

A New Challenge Overseas

My name is Erik Munk, and I have been working at Alithya since 2018. More precisely, until very recently, I was working ...

Cloud 101: What Is It and How Will It Improve My Business?

Unless you’ve had your head in the clouds for the past 20 years, you’ve probably heard people referring to “the cloud.” ...

Promoting continuous training and learning

How Alithya leverages the full power of Oracle cloud solutions as part of an effective employee program  Team leaders ...

How to Create Better Employee Experiences While Working Remotely in 2022
working remotely

Many organizations faced the change-based challenge of transitioning to remote work within the past two years. Further ...

Seven Innovative Ways To Promote Efficient Remote Work

When COVID hit, many workers were not prepared to work from home, and in many cases, didn’t have the right technology ...

Three Tools Your High Performing Employees Need While Hybrid Working
working remotely

The global pandemic changed a lot about the way we work, with nearly 70% of full-time employees working from home in ...

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