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Nick Boronski
Product Manager - Financial Close & ...
Think Outside the Close- Profitability & Costing Reconciliations in Account Reconciliation Cloud

Let me tell you a story… Wait – no - that’s not quite right. Let’s start this again from the top. Let me tell you THE ...

Vatsal Gaonkar
EPM Cloud Planning Essentials: Hybrid Block Storage Option (BSO)

Hybrid BSO allows for some of the Aggregate Storage Option (ASO) functionality in BSO Essbase. ASO database supports ...

Alecs Mlynarzek
Out-of-the-Box Features: Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Services (PCMCS) - System Reports Program Documentation

Hello again, and welcome to my latest Profitability and Cost Management blog post. The focus of this blog is around one ...

Vatsal Gaonkar
EPM Cloud Planning Essentials: Inter-pod Integration in EPM Cloud Planning

How do we move data in the EPM Cloud Planning world as compared to the on-premise counterpart? In the on-premise ...

Increasing Transparency in Transfer Pricing and Intercompany Billing with Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service (PCMCS)

In this webcast, we will explore how Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud Service (PCMCS) can boost an organization’s ability to deliver timely Transfer Pricing and/or Intercompany Billing results during the Financial Close process while delivering enhanced traceability and reporting. This presentation draws on the experience of recent Alithya clients who have successfully implemented ...

Vatsal Gaonkar
EPM Cloud Planning Essentials: Data Grid Builders for Focused Modeling

Data Grid Builders for Focused Modeling EPM Planning implementations nowadays increasingly demand that calculations or ...

Move One Step Closer to Becoming a Data-Driven Business with a Fully Allocated P&L in PCM

In this webinar, learn how to leverage a Fully Allocated P&L as a Management Reporting tool and understand whether Divisional and Line-of-Business performance supports the overall corporate performance targets expected by senior management and investors.  Attendees will gain insight into improving the quality of services and reducing costs by establishing shared service centers for both corporate ...

A Complete Capital and Financial Planning Process with Cloud-Based Planning and a Leading Practice Approach

You know what goes great together? Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Planning + Alithya’s Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP)! An integrated planning cycle takes the first glimmer of a capital investment in a departmental sandbox through its life as a capital project and a capital asset while making sure you can see the short & long-range implications of making approval decisions.

Vatsal Gaonkar
EPM Cloud Planning Essentials: Valid Intersections

Valid Intersections As clients are adopting EPM Cloud Planning for their Enterprise planning needs, we are beginning to ...

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