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Oracle Narrative Reporting

SOLUTION SHEET -  Is your Finance team preparing and distributing key deliverables the hard way?

Xpress Start for CFO Planning

SOLUTION SHEET -  Alithya XPRESS Start for CFO Planning enables a modern CFO organization to make forecasting more ...

Profitability Tech Tips – Optimizing Performance with NonEmptyTuple

One of my favorite features that were introduced into Oracle EPM Profitability was the ability to utilize the ...

5 Ways for Banks to
Improve Margin Planning
Does Your Banking Organization Struggle To Produce Key Financial Metrics To Support Proactive Decisions?

Banking executives and managers are under tremendous pressure to make realistic and achievable projections regarding ...

Oracle Enterprise Cloud Planning Tech Tip – SmartPush Security Override Hack
EPM Cloud

Sometimes it’s necessary for planners to override security while pushing data between plan types. For instance, ...

Scott is a Senior Consultant on the ...
Why Moving from PeopleSoft HCM to Oracle HCM Cloud is the Right Move for Your Organization

PeopleSoft HCM vs. Oracle HCM Cloud Moving from PeopleSoft HCM (on-premise) to Oracle HCM Cloud carries many benefits, ...

On Demand Webinar - Shorten the Close with Automation using Oracle Account Reconciliation

With multiple ERPs and subledgers, large data volumes, various reconciliations types and formats, and tight timelines, ...

Oracle Enterprise Cloud Planning Tech Tip – Focused Calculations
EPM Cloud

Renowned French philosopher Paul Virilio once said, “absolute speed is absolute power.” The speed he is referring to is ...

Manage Flux Analysis with Oracle Account Reconciliation
Financial Services

Over the last several weeks and months, I have posted several blogs on the importance of aligning your reconciliation ...

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