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Initiative Planning Made Easy: Adopt an Effective, Efficient Planning Process

View this webinar to gain the insight needed to help finance teams coordinate an effective and efficient initiative planning process. Learn how Alithya’s best practices solution leveraging Oracle EPM Cloud makes it work seamlessly to simplify initiative planning.  

Statutory Reporting Made Easy: Adopt a Transparent, Effective, and Efficient Reporting Cycle

View this webinar as it demonstrates the use of end-user analytics tools to understand the evolving needs of diverse patient populations – to enable health providers to deploy and allocate appropriate resources (i.e., staff, technology, inventory) for reaching these patients – and to prioritize the delivery of the most relevant services to enable the most beneficial outcomes.  

Kevin Black
Enterprise Data Management Deep Dive - Part III: Exploring the Understated Features of EDM

Introduction Welcome to a new blog series focused on recent – and perhaps overlooked and less understood - features and ...

On-Demand Webinar: Using Patient Scheduling Analytics to Provide Patient Care

Patient needs are evolving, but key patient analytics can help healthcare organizations provide the best patient care. ...

Kevin Black
Enterprise Data Management - 20.05 Release Highlights

Introduction For a while now, the Oracle Enterprise Data Management (EDM) product team has reached a nice cadence of ...

Laura Meine
From Planning to Testing: Everything You Need to Know About Oracle Cloud ERP Application Updates
ERP Cloud Applications

Oracle’s ERP Cloud Applications are continuously evolving.  New features and bug fixes are released every quarter, and ...

Andrew Laferla
Operational Transfer Pricing in Oracle EPM: The OTP Journey Continues – PCMCS, OTP Methodologies and the Start of Building Our Solution

In our last blog  we started our journey of solutioning Operational Transfer Pricing (OTP) in the cloud with the basics ...

Agile Finance - Rapid Profitability Modeling Insights

SOLUTION SHEET - Alithya’s Rapid Modeling Insights (ARMI) delivers scenario modeling capabilities and a full financial ...

Capsure RF, designed for Healthcare providers

Capsure RF is a Cloud based, HIPAA-Compliant platform that was purpose built for Healthcare providers to maximize ...

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