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A world of opportunities

Embracing Alithya’s collaborative culture Since beginning my professional career with a marketing agency, the evolving ...

Promoting continuous training and learning

How Alithya leverages the full power of Oracle cloud solutions as part of an effective employee program  Team leaders ...

Attracting Talent
Using Oracle HCM
The job market continues to change, but employers can respond. Find out how -- and keep your talent.

On the surface, acclimating to the myriad of changes in HR seems daunting. After all, the most critical changes that ...

Overcome the Top Three Barriers to Collaboration between Corporate and Business Finance Teams
Oracle EPM

In today’s business world, digital technology is pervasive, but planning still lives in siloes, which drastically ...

Profitability Tech Tips – Exporting Level 0 Data in Columnar Format through REST API
Oracle EPM

Back in December 2021, we released a blog on how to export level 0 data from a PCM database in columnar format using ...

CFOs Get Ready: The Pandemic is Changing Financial Forecasting for the Better
Financial Services

We learned a lot of lessons from the pandemic when it comes to financial planning and forecasting. I believe these ...

Becker's Healthcare Payer Issues Virtual Forum - Spend Money on Patient Care, Not Administrative Overhead with a Methodology to Manage Healthcare Costs

Patients and purchasers of healthcare should be assured that we are using our limited healthcare resources in ways that truly improve the health of the population. Any dollar spent on administrative overhead is a dollar not available for patient care.” Market pressures, combined with increasing healthcare costs, have forced Insurers to place a premium on managing administrative expenses. With ...

The Beat of a Different Drum

Forced change has given rise to a reassessment of work-life priorities that is here to stay  Results of a recent Oracle ...

Five HR Trends in 2022 and What They Mean for Your Company
Human Resources

According to a recent Forbes article, the pandemic forced the type of workplace experimentation that would have taken ...

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