Matricis Launches the Center of Excellence in Operational Intelligence!

Published November 25 2018

The following news release was issued prior to Alithya’s October 1st, 2019 acquisition of Matricis.

MONTREAL, Sept. 25. 2018/CNW Telbec/– Matricis, a specialized data integration firm, is pleased to announce the establishment of the Centre of Expertise in Operational intelligence (CEIO).

“We’ve been working hard for 20 years to link our customers ‘ IT systems to each other and to draw value-added data. Our entire team is proud to push the limits of IT operations analysis to a new summit with the launch of the CEOI », says Marc-André Dufresne, leader of practice at the Centre of expertise.

Move from a RESPONSIVE mode TO a PROACTIVE MODE, both in IT management and in business services

Matricis’s Centre of expertise in operational intelligence provides comprehensive visibility into IT events in connection with multiple and decentralized systems. The CEIO brings together a team of experienced experts composed of architects, administrators, developers, business analysts and UX specialists. Matricis’s best resources work in close collaboration with all of the client members of the Centre of Expertise to make their data talk and value.

Among the advantages of being part of the Centre of expertise of Matricis:

  • Increased it visibility for partners
  • Reduced time to solve problems
  • Improved incident management

Benefits far beyond the IT department

According to the practice leader of the Centre of expertise: “You have no doubt how each small IT incident has consequences, sometimes major, on your organization.” As part of the CEOI, your IT teams will solve the incidents more quickly – while these incidents in the future can be simply avoided! -, and you will be able to quantify the pains associated with these failures, in particular : sales opportunities missed, loss of productivity and dissatisfactions experienced by your customers. »

“With the help of the CEOI of Matricis, finally break the silos between your systems to connect your IT data with your business data,” adds Maxime Delwaide, data integration specialist. “You will have access to unsuspected information to make decisions that really make a difference to your organization’s overall success.”

Organizations interested in being part of Matricis’s Centre of Expertise in Operational Intelligence are invited to contact the CEOI practice leader directly:

Marc-André Dufresne
Practice Leader, CEOI – Matricis

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About Matricis

Since 1999, MATRICIS offers its customers the opportunity to optimize and enhance their business data and processes. Its experts are implementing innovative solutions and technologies through proven methodologies for successful digital transition.

Integrating information assets with a service-oriented cloud architecture using BSE, automating business processes through the implementation of a BPMS system, reducing operating costs through machine learning or Still generate new revenue via smart and connected products; Matricis has the agility to advise and support organizations in their transformation.

Our expertise: Help visualize and analyze real-time data to make informed decisions through more integrated and value-generating IT infrastructure. In other words, “make the data Speak!“.

Marc-André Dufresne,
Practice Leader, Centre of Expertise in Operational Intelligence (CEOI), Matricis
514 317-5565

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