Matricis Promoted to Premier Tier in Splunk> partner+ Program

Published April 9 2019

The following news release was issued prior to Alithya’s October 1st, 2019 acquisition of Matricis.

Montreal, April 9, 2019 – Matricis, a Montreal-based digital transformation technology company, today announced that it has been awarded the status of Premier Partner of industrial specialization in Splunk’s Partner+ Program.

By including Matricis in its Premier Tier Industrial Partner , Splunk recognizes the company for its outstanding achievements and commitment to the development of the Splunk market, strategic prioritization and customer success, particularly to the 4.0 manufacturing industry.

” This is an important achievement to access to industrial specialization at Splunk,” said Marc-André Dufresne, Director of Splunk practices at Matricis. “This recognition is a positive affirmation of our commitment to helping our clients make the most of their investments in digital transformation. Our strategic alignment allows us to provide world-class services to our customers with respect to the security of their assets, operational intelligence (IT-OT), and their needs in systems integration and monitoring


For 20 years, Matricis has helped companies in transformation to meet their technological challenges in order to enhance their data. Through its experts, Matricis makes the data speak by linking existing and future resources, processes and systems.


Practice Leader
Centre d’expertise en intelligence opérationnelle (CEIO)

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