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Distributing medical results securely for better patient management


//SIDER is a secure solution that facilitates distribution of medical results to medical clinics and the Quebec Health Record (QHR). It acts as an integrated system for the electronic distribution of results, facilitating the work of all those involved in the process of monitoring medical results, namely doctors, administrative staff of clinics, and laboratory and radiology managers. By leveraging our vast experience in the healthcare sector, we were able to identify the biggest challenges facing IT personnel and to develop a complete and secure solution to facilitate the work of all stakeholders, including full process tracking.

What is //SIDER?

//SIDER is an integrated electronic results distribution system, comprised of different modules, that facilitates distribution of medical results from laboratory and radiology systems to medical clinics and the Quebec Health Record (QHR)..

  • //SIDER-Clinic distributes lab results to medical clinics.
  • //SIDER-QHR feeds the Quebec Health Record Laboratory sector.
  • //SIDER-Imagery monitors the radiology report transmission process.
  • //SIDER-APSS facilitates the referral process by providing users with access to family doctors and specialist consultations within required timelines.

As a result, any problem occurring during the transmission process can be quickly identified and rectified. Additionally, //SIDER includes a business activity management component, complete logging, and a data scrubbing function.

Quickly obtain quality information

//SIDER enables electronic distribution of medical results, eliminating the need to fax, mail, or scan results in order to import them into a patient's electronic medical record.

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How does //SIDER work?
  • Lab results are transmitted to //SIDER in the form of HL7 messages (in compliance with the standard).
  • //SIDER validates messages received, transforms them into standardized schematics, and stores them in its information bank.
  • At predetermined regular intervals, the electronic medical records (EMRs) of medical clinics search for the new results through a secure Web service.
  • The EMRs confirm receipt of the results.
  • In compliance with ISO 15189, //SIDER allows laboratory managers to easily monitor the results transmission process via a web dashboard.
The benefits of //SIDER
  • Fast delivery of results to a patient's electronic medical record
  • Improved delivery of medical care to patients
  • Quality and reliability of transmitted results
  • Guaranteed delivery and management of the entire process
  • Simple and secure access to radiology reports
  • Reduced printing and scanning costs
  • Elimination of paper handling
  • Supra-regional sharing of medical results
  • Reduces operating costs and risk of errors
How do doctors benefit?
  • Direct consultation of patient laboratory results in the clinic's electronic medical record
  • Consultation of laboratory results via a secure control panel accessible via the Internet (for non-computerized medical clinics or for external access)
  • Quick availability of results in the electronic medical record for rapid follow-up with patients
Who uses //SIDER?

Since its first implementation in 2008, //SIDER’s evolution has continued in several regions, including Lanaudière, Laurentides, Laval, Montérégie, Outaouais, Montréal, and many more. Our solution processes 80 million transactions annually, and more than 65% of the population is covered by //SIDER.

//SIDER at the Outaouais CISSS