Creative scrum master


Creative Scrum Master

Published January 13 2020

The purpose of this position : 


Are you a creative Scrum Master looking to be inspired by a fun and effective environment? Are you eager to explore all the possibilities and lead a team of experts? Do you have ideas that you’re just itching to explore and enjoy fostering innovative imaginative solutions? Discover the opportunities with us in Montreal!


A typical work day : 


  • Create innovative solutions with an adaptable and effective team;
  • Coach your Agile development team to create high value products using the Agile methodology;
  • Implement Scrum/Agile daily on exhilarating projects;
  • Broaden your horizon of strategies and tools to manage outcomes;
  • Cultivate a creative Agile culture and practices with access to diverse tools;
  • Create a supportive environment and actively contribute to team members development;
  • Implement approaches that inspire team members to overcome obstacles;
  • Provide your services to team members in order to nurture self organisation and a cross functional work environment;
  • Promote sharing and encourage problem solving to deliver value consistently;
  • Equip Product Owners with the tools to manage their Product Backlog;
  • Guide transparent Product Owners through their user stories and encourage collaboration through a trusting relationship;
  • Be valued for your input and watch your recommendations come to life;
  • Foster a communicative and honest learning environment to achieve the best results;
  • Be surrounded by specialised experts eager to share in your vision;
  • Shape Agile / Scrum practices and lead the way towards pioneering solutions;
  • Explore the possibilities and enjoy yourself!

You’re the ideal candidate if
  • You are passionate about Agile Methodology and all its capacities;
  • You are an outstanding leader and are excited about empowering your team;
  • You are transparent and facilitate positive resolutions to conflicts;
  • You are flexible and encourage others to be adaptable in their work;
  • You are enthusiastic about IT Application Development and the possibilities;
  • You are adaptable to your environment and enjoy making changes;
  • You are approachable and motivated to empower your team;
  • You have excellent knowledge of Microsoft TFS;
  • You are organized and pro-active;
  • You revel in seeing changes made in your team and in your delivery environment;
  • You are a master of turning conflict situations into learning opportunities;
  • You are bilingual in French and English.
Our perk and benefits
  • Multi-disciplinary opportunities;
  • Unrivaled technology pioneers;
  • Motivating and challenging environment;
  • Freedom to explore all your ideas;
  • Cross Functional work environment;
  • Creative and collaborative community of skilled experts;
  • Stimulating learning environment;
  • Diverse Product Owners;
  • CSNA - (in house Centre de Solutions Numériques Alithya);
  • Scrum/Agile tours participations;
  • Events to further your knowledge;
  • Open culture for education;
  • Agile Training sessions;
  • Dedicated team of experts from all around the globe;
  • Participate in charity events;
  • International opportunities;
  • National offices across Canada;
  • Flexible working conditions;
  • Organisational growth;
  • Innovative environment;
  • Professional networking events;
  • Company recognition program;
  • Social activities and events;
  • Wonderful company benefits.

Why join our team

Because creativity, passion, integrity and wellness are the company’s core values, we are looking for people like you who are enthusiastic, innovative, open-minded, team players and eager to learn.

Working at Alithya is a chance to be part of an energetic, dynamic, and growing team of more than 2,000 professionals in Canada, the United States and France. Our diverse practices and the extensive major projects entrusted to us by our prestigious clients allows us to offer many high growth potential opportunities to our employees in well-established technologies.

Alithya Group is an advocate for workforce diversity and as such, encourages the participation of women in management roles, and implements immigrant-friendly recruiting initiatives.

The diversification of our workforce is another factor that sets us apart, resulting from our many international recruitment initiatives and our ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. We belong to the 30% Club, which encourages women’s access to leadership positions.

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