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We've got what you need

That’s right. At Alithya, you’ll find everything you need to fire up your brain, develop your talent and power your career. The proof? We’ve got amazing projects to help you grow, exciting challenges to hone your skills, and inspiring people ready to share their knowledge and expertise…

We’ve got it all, and it’s right here for you.

Not too big, not too small...

  • We’re big enough to connect you with leading industry experts, big brains who aren’t conceited, yet small enough for you to have up-close access so you can shadow and learn from them day to day.
  • We’re big enough to allow you to work on major projects, yet small enough that you can stay in the heart of the action, really getting to be part of the development team.
  • We’re big enough to welcome the best in the business, yet small enough to always know the people on your team.

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