Doing the Right Thing

Since the company’s founding in 1992, Alithya has fostered a principled culture of doing the right thing.  A core set of values, beliefs, and behaviours has defined our vision and has guided our mission. 


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues reside in the consciousness of our people, from members of our board, to our management team, and our diverse array of professionals. Many of those same issues are of concern to our investors, our partners, and our clients, and extend beyond our ecosystem of stakeholders into the communities in which we choose to do business. 

Inaugural ESG report


In September 2022, Alithya launched its inaugural ESG Report. The comprehensive document is an important step forward in our commitment to doing the right thing and serves as a benchmarking tool for orientation in terms of where we are, where we want to be, and how we plan to get there.


Linking the chain of sustainable value

Above and beyond societal demands and ethical responsibility, ESG intersects all lines of Alithya’s business. We believe in a world where the pursuit of excellence in environmental, social, and governance aligns with business goals, and where sustainability offers a pathway to profitability. 

Alithya’s ESG Report outlines current best practices deployed by the Company in pursuit of that goal, while providing insight into how our digital transformation and change management expertise can assist clients in developing more efficient value chains within a framework of sustainability. 


As a leader in strategy and digital transformation, we embrace the responsibility of being an agent of change in the important economic sectors that we service. In helping our clients transition to more sustainable economies, our business has far-reaching effects in the realm of environmental, social, and governance issues. And as we balance our desire to do the right thing with our commitment to doing things right, we are proud to be moving in the right direction.

Paul Raymond

President and Chief Executive Officer

Our pillars of strength

Explore the 5 main drivers behind Alithya’s ESG journey



Alithya’s long-term strategic plan embraces Human Capital at its core. 


  • Where we are: Alithya strives to be a best-in-class employer focused on employee well-being and professional/personal growth. We invest in the development of our leaders and our employees, and we endeavor to provide internal opportunities that align with the career aspirations of our professionals. 


  • Where we want to be: Alithya is committed to providing employees with the leading-edge tools they need to confidently advance in their professional lives. On a personal level, formalizing the structures of our dedicated Enterprise Resource Groups will expand their reach across all Alithya geographies. 



Organizational culture


Alithya’s growth and success is fueled by a diverse workforce of professionals with divergent backgrounds that vary in age, geographies, ethnicity, cultural influences, and technological specializations. 


  • Where we are: By warmly welcoming acquired talent into the fold, by supporting employee endeavors, including charitable causes, and by ensuring that Alithya is a great place to work, we have successfully developed a cohesive workforce that embraces our vision and mission. 


  • Where we want to be: As we continue to develop our roadmap of ESG policies and strategies, we will continue to celebrate our diversity as we infuse more formal practices, tracked KPIs, and intersectionality into Alithya’s vibrant culture. 

Cyber security & data privacy


As a trusted advisor for the delivery of digital transformation services, cyber security and data privacy are essential to establishing Alithya’s credibility. That commitment starts at the front door with effective management of our own systems and data. 


  • Where we are: Alithya monitors its network in near real time within a security management framework that is compliant with the highest levels of international standards. We also provide training for our employees and conduct internal phishing campaigns to gauge vulnerabilities. 


  • Where we want to be: Alithya continues to develop enhanced training programs to educate employees and effect behavioural change to better protect Company data and personal information. We also continue to pursue international certifications. 

Transitioning to a lower-carbon economy


As a provider of complex technology solutions to our clients, Alithya takes responsibility for delivering products and services with minimal environmental impacts. Internally, we have also taken numerous steps to reduce our internal footprint. 


  • Where we are: Waste reduction, recycling optimization, and operating in efficient premises in LEED-certified buildings are just some of the important steps that Alithya has taken towards a reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, most of the Company’s IT systems have been migrated to a cloud environment. 


  • Where we want to be: In collaboration with a third-party emissions consultant, Alithya is focused on acquiring accurate measurements of its Scope 1 and Scope 2 impacts. 



In a highly competitive market, strong governance and ethical business conduct have earned Alithya the trust of its clients. 


  • Where we are: Alithya has developed a comprehensive set of codes and policies that govern the way that we collaborate internally, and how we work with others externally. All Alithya directors, officers, managers, employees, and subcontractors are held to the standards of the Company’s Code of Ethics. 


  • Where we want to be: Alithya continuously monitors regulatory developments and best practices, and we will continue to review and update our governance framework to ensure compliance with new standards and emerging trends.