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Microsoft Syntex: Content AI Integrated in the Flow of Work

Published February 7 2023
3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Every day, Microsoft customers add 1.6 billion documents to Microsoft 365. That content is essential to your organization – carrying knowledge, decisions, and transactions that are vital to the flow of work. 

Microsoft Syntex brings the power of content management and AI together to transform the way we work. It automatically reads, tags and indexes high volumes of content and connects it where it’s needed – in search, applications, and as reusable knowledge. And it manages your content throughout its lifecycle, with robust analytics, security, and automated retention.  

In this webinar, you will see real-world examples for 4 key features of Syntex:

  • Document processing – Use intelligent document processing to extract and interpret data from documents and easily classify and tag based on extracted data.
  • Content assembly – When you’re ready to create a new contract, invoice, letter, or other document, Syntex can help you automatically generate that document with templates and metadata.
  • Images, audio, and video processing – Process and tag images with nearly 10,000 automatically recognized objects “out of the box.”
  • Microsoft Syntex builds on top of Microsoft Search to provide powerful ways to query, shape, and discover the content and data embedded in your files.

Join us as we explain this exciting new category and solution set to help you transform, discover, manage, integrate, and connect your critical organizational content in Microsoft and beyond.