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Webinar: Survive the Current Environment: A Better Future with Strategic Capital Programming

Published May 15 2020
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11am ET

Does your organization have an efficient capital programming process going from request – to project – to asset?    Do you have a robust process that allows your departments to build their own capital investment roadmaps throughout the year?   Do you have the right process to link your capital budget process with your capital procurement?   Have you run into issues with projects going over budget or procuring past their limits?

Alithya’s clients have addressed these questions by moving to strategic capital programming!  Enable your organization to make the right investments for the future while balancing short-term needs like those caused by the current pandemic.  

In this webinar, learn about Alithya’s Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP) process built upon real-world implementations in Healthcare and other industries:

  1. Learn about Capital Portfolio Planning – a full lifecycle process that enables departments to build their own investment roadmaps - including Board approval – and facilitates the execution & monitoring of capital projects.
  2. Review real-world case-studies for clients that have implemented a new capital programming process using Alithya’s Capital Portfolio Planning.
  3. Discuss how Oracle’s EPM Cloud platform and Alithya can provide your organization a full lifecycle, prescriptive capital planning process.

Need a general overview of Alithya’s capital portfolio planning solution?  Click here for a short video.