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Published April 6 2022
Sarah Larsen, Alliances Manager
Sarah Larsen
Alliances Manager
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Embracing Alithya’s collaborative culture

Since beginning my professional career with a marketing agency, the evolving world of technology has always interested me. In 2010, I seized the opportunity to take on a field marketing role with Oracle, where I could not only apply my existing skills, but also develop greater IT knowledge. After working in a variety of marketing roles with Oracle, I joined the company’s Alliances and Channels team, where I became familiar with Alithya as the main point of contact into Oracle.

After more than a decade of building well-rounded Oracle experience, I felt a calling towards the partner side of things. In December 2021, that opportunity arose, and I capitalized on the opportunity to leverage my experience and join Alithya as an Oracle Alliances Manager. Alithya’s growth and market traction was very exciting to me. The transition to Alithya was made even more comfortable as this role provided me the opportunity to work with familiar teams who I had been engaging with with for a couple of years already.

In moving to the partner side of the Oracle equation, I was inspired by the opportunity to focus on people and service, and to explore ways to best deliver Alithya’s products to the people who will use them. At Oracle, the focus was on building relationships with Oracle teams and positioning products, while my role at Alithya would be more focused on positioning people and nurturing successful customer relationships.

As I mentioned, Alithya’s steady growth played a big part in my decision, and I was motivated about the prospect of being part of a company poised to extend its market reach. Coming from such a large organization at Oracle, I was enticed by the idea of moving to a smaller ecosystem where I could make a greater impact and expand into new areas of expertise. Since joining Alithya, I have seen how comradery and teamwork pave the road for ideas to come to fruition quickly. Everyone is onboard, and that helps the train to arrive on schedule.

I also can’t say enough about the incredible support and mentorship David Pabst has offered since I joined Alithya. His extensive experience, knowledge, and leadership skills help to guide Alithya’s Oracle teams in their alignment with Oracle’s industry model, which vastly improves our ability to position Alithya solutions for the future. The collective efforts of our teams and leaders make it easy for me to present our solutions to Oracle teams, and to ensure that they know about all the great work we’re doing here. In recent conversations with Oracle sales executives, I was proud to highlight Alithya’s list of accomplishments, including continued year-over-year growth, our track record of successful deliveries, expansion into additional Oracle pillars, and the success we’ve seen with the alignment of our sales organization with theirs. The opportunities I’ve had to expose Alithya capabilities and partnership to Oracle’s teams, from executives to entry-level, has been exciting and offers daily challenges and opportunities to capitalize upon.

The world of technology is ever-changing. There are times when you might be able to anticipate what’s coming down the pipeline, but Alithya understands that IT success is driven by agility and ensuring that you have the tools you need to make adjustments. On a personal level, as a mother of two toddlers, that necessary embrace of flexibility resonates with me. In both of those roles, I have learned that by remaining agile and adaptable, you will always be well-positioned for success.

When I took the plunge to join Alithya, my gut feeling was that it was the right thing to do. Since that day, my decision has been validated time and again. I have found myself in tune with Alithya’s organizational culture, and I am proud to be part of an inclusive world of opportunity that celebrates women in a sector that has historically fallen short