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Alithya is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year

Published March 31 2022
Paul Raymond, President & CEO
Paul Raymond
President & CEO
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"A legend grows around a grain of truth, like a pearl."

Peter S. Beagle

The pearl metaphor lies at the heart of Alithya’s first 30 years of success; a process of development and cultivation that has produced a gem. In addition to being a symbol of 30th anniversaries, the pearl is also recognized as a symbol of purity, honesty, and wisdom.

In 1992, Alithya was founded upon the purest of motives, fueled by the desire to be part of an evolving world that was rapidly expanding around technology. Today, we celebrate the collective efforts of all of you —including those who have preceded you, and those who will follow in your path— who have continued the process of cultivation that has positioned Alithya as a company that innovates, elevates, and, today, celebrates.

Both cultured and natural pearls are developed through layers — another metaphor for the years of organic growth and strategic acquisitions that continue to reinforce the foundations of our company. Upon those foundations, Alithya’s layers have multiplied through the accumulation of expertise provided by a workforce that now encompasses 3,600 talented professionals who contribute to the development and implementation of our increasingly innovative solutions.

"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try."

Beverly Sills

This simple but powerful quote characterizes our past, our present, and our future. Numerous studies suggest that only about 50% of newly formed companies survive beyond 5 years. In fact, a government study reported that only 43% of companies launched in North America in the preceding decades lasted more than 10 years.

These past couple of years have reminded us that the journey through uncharted territory will inevitably be characterized by challenges and obstacles. While the trials and tribulations of our 30th year have been exceptional, the same bold spirit that catapulted us forward 30 years ago has been evident in our resilience. In fact, we have emerged from this period as one of the fastest growing companies in our sector, experiencing 50% growth in the past year alone, with record bookings across all of our geographies.

Today is a day to not only celebrate the organization that we have built together over the past 30 years, but also a day to celebrate the future that we have only just begun to build. As a pearl is formed, its layers grow, and its value is enriched.

"After 30 years of sustained growth, Alithya has emerged as a cultured pearl and I truly believe that the world is our oyster."