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Published January 8 2020 by Mike Hull
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Let’s start by answering the question – what is UpgradeXpress? Simply put, UpgradeXpress can be explained in two parts. To begin, it is a methodology with guiding principles, tools and utilities that Alithya uses to facilitate the migration journey.  Additionally, UpgradeXpress is hundreds of business process templates based on extensive customer deployments in your industry. Each business process template has a Task Recording for quick learning by end users. Together, the templates and methodology decreases the time it takes to upgrade Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, 2009 and 2012 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

The knee jerk demand to customize is greatly curtailed because users can quickly see, within the first couple of weeks, how end to end processes look with their data. User acceptance and project momentum increase as a consequence.

UpgradeXpress Methodology

We base our implementation approach on CORE principles that help to streamline the ERP upgrade.

Eliminating the long analysis period that comes along with doing an upgrade is a major key within our methodology. With our method, companies can get up and running quickly in the D365 environment through streamlined processes. With that, users experience optimized processes and can fully leverage the benefits of historical data for fast business intelligence reporting across the organization.

The most successful projects adopt our Customer Owned Rapid Engagement or CORE principals from the very beginning of the implementation. With that, Xpress users can expect to own the solution at a very early stage. Think of it as an ERP software system for YOU.

Interested in learning more about our UpgradeXpress solution? Take a look at our UpgradeXpress fact sheet here.

If your company is using Microsoft Dynamics AX—whether it's 4.0, 2009 or 2012—chances are you've already researched your options for upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Download this free guide that discusses:

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