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Alithya’s Top 5 Social Media Predictions for 2023

Published December 1 2022
Benoît Gorez, Senior Communications Advisor
Benoît Gorez
Senior Communications Advisor
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Why would Alithya, an IT company, write an article about 2023 social media trends? It’s simple! In choosing to promote a strong corporate culture, we know that these trends will have an impact on our own online presence. Whether it’s to motivate employees, introduce a new product or talk about social responsibility, social media is an integral part of daily life at Alithya. Here is a quick round-up of what to expect in 2023.  

1. Instagram: Shining the spotlight on our employees 

While Instagram may duplicate the key functions of many other social platforms (like TikTok), it boasts some two billion active monthly users. So needless to say, people still view Instagram as an essential app! This will likely not change in 2023, with even more engaging content for users.  The app will use artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize engagement with posts. 

Does this mean that on a platform dominated by image, users interests will be increasingly taken into account? At Alithya, we are confident that this is the case and we are firm believers in what Instagram has to offer.  


We regularly let our employee ambassadors take over this platform and have their say. Our employees like to use the platform to show Alithya and our many activities through their own eyes. The results are often funny, touching or surprising. For us, authenticity is what really matters. And this approach helps motivate our team and foster a real sense of pride and belonging. We also use our Instagram presence to talk about office life, our work with charities and our participation in various activities.

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2. LinkedIn: More videos! 

It’s no secret: Alithya already has a strong LinkedIn presence. But in 2023, we will be sharing even more videos. According to analysis by LinkedIn, people are consuming more audiovisual content in the app, meaning that certain features will likely be brought to the fore. With this in mind, we have adopted a strategy that includes posting videos on a regular basis.  

What should we say? What’s our angle? Since we want to be authentic, we have looked for ways to enhance our content. As an influential force in technology, we want to redefine how social media is used in our field while continuing to stand out from the crowd. 


We are pleased to be launching a new french video series entitled “Un café avec ça.” With this project, we have created moments between individuals who may—or may not!—know each other to explore improvised or set topics. This series will allow viewers to get to know some of the people they could meet on a day-to-day basis if they worked at Alithya. 

3. Focus on community 

A community should be a friendly space where people can talk and exchange ideas. This is what we will continue to provide with our two main communities on LinkedIn:  

These pages bring different types of people together based on topic. This is where we share information about events, webinars and tools and encourage discussion. Of course, the value of these interactions is immeasurable to us as each one has a direct impact on post visibility. Our aim is to inspire employees, clients or anyone else to contribute to the conversation and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way.

4. Supporting our employees on LinkedIn 

Alithya’s content strategy is closely tied to its success. By participating, our experts become true ambassadors for the company on LinkedIn. They help raise our profile beyond our channel and boost our word of mouth reputation. And we can expect even more of this in 2023! 

Our employees feel implicated in the company by being actively involved in our activities and creating content. Let’s take wellness as an example—an important value for Alithya. We recently launched the “Wellness Challenge,” in which colleagues set challenges for themselves, almost like New Year’s resolutions. We will be posting about this initiative on our social platforms soon.  

We are also committed to helping employees who are active on LinkedIn stand out through strong personal branding. We will support them by offering professional photos, training, guidance, templates and ideas to make the most of their online presence.  

5. Focus on social responsibility and sustainability 

Of course, as industry leaders, we have a duty to talk about our internal policies and what makes Alithya a great place to work. But this is more than just the company—it’s an ongoing effort by each and every employee. And, based on the results and comments on Officevibe, our global interactive indicator measurement tool, this effort is definitely worth it. 

We have a number of different committees with very distinct missions who offer a platform for those who want to get involved. Women in Leadership may be the best example. This group promotes the inclusion of women in management positions. The challenge for current managers is to encourage women to strive for leadership roles and to provide the resources they need to access these positions. At Alithya, one quarter of management positions are currently occupied by women (at the end of 2022). There is clearly more work to do, but we are heading in the right direction—especially in the field of IT. 

Other initiatives include the volunteer leave program, which allows personnel to take a day off to volunteer for a charitable cause of their choosing. Since August 2021, one in ten employees have opted to take this opportunity. With some 4,000 Alithya employees worldwide, that equals 400 people—or 3,000 hours of volunteer work!  

Of course, these committees, programs and policies are mentioned on our social media platforms to congratulate the team members involved, but also to inspire their colleagues to do the same. We have a very strong corporate culture based on diversity, inclusiveness and good deeds. It’s worth shouting about! 

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