Benefits of Alithya’s UpgradeXpress Solution

Published March 26 2020
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In our previous blog, Alithya UpgradeXpress Solution we discussed what the UpgradeXpress template was. Now let’s delve a little further into why this template  is significant to those who wish to upgrade their current AX 4.0, 2009 or 2012 solutions to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In our earlier blog, Why Upgrade – Making the Case for a Microsoft AX Upgrade, we discussed reasons why an upgrading from older versions was necessary for businesses in this day and age. Now, in this current blog, let’s explore the Cloud D365 Benefits:

Cloud D365 Finance and Operations Benefits

  • Reduced Server Maintenance
  • Streamlined Data Maintenance
  • Hands free environment management
  • Optimized performance
  • Reduced Help Desk Support
  • Centralized Print Management
  • Business Outcome Driven
  • Reduced Customizations
  • Standardized Business Processes
  • Redundancy
  • Up time guarantees/SLA
  • Lower Risk
  • No More Upgrades!

Benefits of Alithya UpgradeXpress Template: Faster time to Value

  • Cloud-based toolset - A proven implementation approach based on Customer Owned Rapid Engagement (CORE) principles.
  • Pre-configured database - readily deployable template designed for quick implementation of your processes into Dynamics 365.
  • Upgrade utility package - An upgrade utility package provided by Microsoft, Data Management Framework (DMF) or optional BI Xpress utility.
  • Business processes detailed task guides - A pre-defined set of more than 1000 manufacturing industry-specific business process models for discrete, food & beverage, chemical and life sciences/ pharmaceuticals manufacturers. These step-by-step instructions can also be run as automated guidance to walk users through daily processes.

Here are a few reasons why this particular Upgrade Xpress template designed by Alithya is important for those wanting to migrate to a newer solution.

  • We have experience in doing upgrades since Version 3.5 and a part of each Microsoft version release
  • Focus on the differences between your current version and D365:
    • Evaluation of existing Customizations vs Current Features
    • eLearning and Training on new features and functionality
  • An upgrade utility package (BI Accelerator ETL Utility - Optional)
  • A comprehensive business process model offering based on best practices
  • A set of task guides reflecting setup, configuration, detailed level business processes
  • A proven implementation approach, fully utilizing lifecycle services and a cloud-based toolset to ensure predictability, a shortened timeline and high quality deliverables

Interested in taking advantage of the significant functional advancements of D365 FO? Download this free guide to learn everything you want to know about migrating from Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, 2009, or 2012 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

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