Oracle EPM System v11.2: Our First Thoughts.

Published December 19 2019 by AlanRamirez
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11.2 is out! While there hasn’t been a plethora of published material, we have the inside scoop on the latest release. We found it yesterday, and we’re getting the word out!  We are excited to finally see this long-anticipated 11.2 release of Oracle EPM System. After preparing a lab environment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), we have downloaded the software and begun a production-like environment build. Our goal is to understand as much about this new release as possible so we can properly advise our clients on both the benefits and risks of doing an upgrade. We are working diligently to identify any nuances of the new product and develop our strategies for configuration, maintenance and migrations, to continue to provide the highest quality builds and premium level of service that our customers expect.

Here are some of our preliminary findings:

For our infrastructure brethren out there, and those of you brave enough to try this at home, both the installTool and Configurator look and feel very familiar. No major surprise there. A major architectural difference in the 11.2 Configuration step is the introduction of Oracle’s Repository Creation Utility (RCU) into the configuration step. There are now metadata schemas accompanying the environment, which we’ll dig into more at a later date.

We are quite pleased so far with the advancements that Oracle has made to the build process, demonstrating advancement toward a more streamlined and capable suite of products in the latest (and last) version. As we go under the hood, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest findings. 

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