2019 Manufacturing Trends: Determining Customer Buying Habits and Seeing Patterns

Published August 15 2019 by Kelly McDonald
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Why do your customers buy? Finding the right reasons that consumers purchase within your business is an essential part of growing your business. In recent years, having and maintaining visibility of customer buying habits is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a crucial aspect to the visibility of your organization as a whole. In a recent blog, it was uncovered that manufacturers want and need technology that ensures an organization has the tools to make effective sales, marketing, production, service and operations decisions.

Q. Are you able to determine changes in customer buying habits and seeing patterns?

After surveying over 100 manufacturing company executives from this 2019 Manufacturing Survey Report, the majority of respondents fell more in the middle when answering, 52% being able to determine changes and see patterns most of the time, and 33% citing that only sometimes or a on a few occasions were able to execute this capability. 

2019 Manufacturing Industry Trends: Survey Results and Analysis
Customer Buying Habits & Seeing Patterns

The right technology is changing manufacturing for the better. Having the ability to closely analyze trends and patterns is exceptionally beneficial to your business in that it allows for you to rapidly change business tactics such as adapting to seasonal demand shifts. Additionally, analyzing changing market conditions allows manufacturers to stay up to date and not be caught off guard by changes in raw materials costs. Uncovering hidden trends in your data gives you the opportunity to quickly respond to changes and capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.

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