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3 Benefits of IIoT for Manufacturing

Published August 4 2017
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How's your market share? Are you delivering the new services offered by IIoT so you can create and compete with the new business models out there? Connect your operations and services so you can build on your existing technology, cloud-based technology and productivity software to seize greater market share in manufacturing.  Do you know what makes a successful IIoT platform? Read on for three components that can help you get there.

Scale Easily

Scalability is key so you can make cost-effective changes with low-risk, flexible solutions. Expensive capital assets make getting started with IIoT challenging. You can't afford to trade out existing implementations and core business systems, so you need a cost-effective approach that reduces your overall risk by taking advantage of your current infrastructure and processes.

Go to Market Faster

You will need to go to market faster with a modular approach with new products, services, and experiences for customers. This will enable you to pilot new tools and services, validate design choices, and scale across your business. More importantly, you can accomplish this without disrupting your existing business processes unnecessarily.

Turn Information into Action

Your systems must be connected so you can have a competitive advantage in customer care and quality of service. IIoT is disrupting the manufacturing industry today the same way assembly lines disrupted industry during the Industrial Revolution. Manufacturing leaders like you, recognize that customer care and quality of service drives the competitive advantage to improve the overall customer experience while increasing customer loyalty and driving higher margins.

Realize the business value of IIoT and connect operations and services to transform your business. We can help you understand how, download our Competing in the Digital Age of Manufacturing eBook for more information.

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