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3 Signs It’s Time for a New ERP System

Published April 25 2019
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Noticing the aging of an ERP system is much like noticing your own personal aging process. You don’t wake up every morning and measure the lines around your eyes or the ache in your joints, but you do notice you can’t run up a flight of stairs as easily as you used to.

The degradation of an ERP system is also a gradual movement that companies slowly adapt to over time. Systems don’t talk to each other, so an employee just gets used to manually uploading data every week. Executives get month-end reports without considering that they could have real-time access to the information. An employee asks for a particular data report and hears “we can’t do that”—so they just keep on working without it. So how do you know when it’s time to make the leap? Here are three big signs:

  1. Your Processes Are Wasting Your Employees’ Time
    Be honest—do your employees have to do a lot of ‘busy work’ to get the information they need to do their jobs? Exporting a spreadsheet that takes 15 minutes to download (maybe crashing their computer a few times), manually entering data, sorting it…Are these issues familiar to you?

  2. You Have 2 (or More) Systems that Don’t Talk to Each Other
    Whether your organization has merged with another, acquired another, or spun off a separate division, if your systems don’t share data you’re wasting time trying to get the information you need to operate on a daily basis. Think of how much more productive your employees would be if they didn’t have to waste time searching for information that should be at their fingertips. In addition, you may be experiencing having data in multiple systems that don't match. Systems get of out sync and when they do it becomes a messy problem and expensive one to fix.

  3. You’re Struggling to Stay Compliant
    As regulations that can be governmental, industry related or customer driven change, are you struggling to meet the requirements? Can you quickly respond to an audit by providing all the appropriate data in one report without having to manually compile information from multiple systems? The cost of noncompliance could be thousands of dollars per month—don’t put your organization at risk.

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