3 Ways CORE Leads in Becoming a High Performing Organization

Published September 13 2017 by Patrick Lewis
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Let's first start by going through a rundown of everything we've learned so far about the High Performing Organization (HPO) model. The HPO model is an aspirational goal that Fullscope has for our customers. We want our clients to utilize this because it has been fashioned after other companies who have been the most successful in CRM. We work to move everyone that comes on board with us towards the HPO model because it works. 

As a quick recap, the High Performing Organization model can be divided into three parts:

  • The first is the organizational structure to support the CRM initiative
  • The second is the training system used to drive production, productivity and business outcomes
  • The third is the cadence set up to keep everything moving forward

Now, let's get into CORE 

I'm going to explain how the CORE methodology helps users organize themselves to become a HPO. So what does CORE stand for? CORE stands for- customer owned rapid engagement.  This portion is the implementation part of what we do, the part where we begin to set users up for long-term success! 

Here are three ways that CORE leads to a solid first building block in becoming a HPO:

  1. In a HPO, the leadership team is responsible for communicating strategy,  objectives and outcomes to the CORE team (the CORE team is a group of Subject Matter Experts (SME's) representing various parts of the business). This is going to help the CORE team know exactly what's important in each phase of the project and help the team as a whole become comfortable with the process.
  2. Every HPO has a CRM admin who takes at least blue belt training before the project begins. The CRM admin gains a deep understanding of how CRM works and how their own system has been configured and why.
  3. All members of the CORE team must take at least Sales Level 1 training before implementation begins. The group must be power users in CRM and be able to explain how it works and why things are setup the way that they are. CORE will include people known as "work steam leads", who are responsible for a given process as it moves through the project and demonstrating to the entire team how the process has been implemented in CRM. The CORE team will carry users through the entire business process.

So there you have it, several ways in which CORE can help an organization become a High Performing Organization. The major aspect to take away from this article is that CORE is about much more than installing software, it's about positioning users to become successful over the long-term. 



As the Director of Business Outcomes and CRM Success, Patrick has more than 25 years in customer relationship management. He’s worked across Manufacturing, Professional Services, Sports, and Financial Services industries. Patrick’s primary areas of focus are organizational change management, and business process.

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