5 Considerations for Manufacturers Looking for Unified CRM + ERP

Published June 15 2017 by Jef Allen
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Are you looking for a business platform that unites

CRM and ERP functionality? If so, you’ll want to consider these areas:

  1. Opportunity, contact and account information
    Both CRM and ERP systems contain contact and account information. ERP will hold accounting and company information while CRM will hold further data on prospects and sales/support.
  2. Process re-engineering for continuous business change
    A business platform, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, will allow you to integrate processes and merge different business rules for each department. The consolidation will also support ongoing business change at a process level all the way to new custom fields. This is an opportunity to enable and automate many of your shared business functions and processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is also designed to connect with existing Office 365 applications, such as Outlook and Excel, which leverages investments in skills your employees already have.
  3. Finished goods and product visibility
    CRM functionality should provide access to stock, products and services typically held within an ERP solution. A single, fully integrated CRM + ERP will allow greater accuracy through quotation to sale and close. More than that, it will also allow marketing to push promotions into the marketplace for launch, overstock and end-of-life events.
  4. Rapid order management
    Whether goods and services are bought and sold online or not, a simple commercial reality is that availability has as much impact on the buying process as pricing. Consequently, if you can quickly expedite an order created by CRM and executed and tracked by ERP, you will gain competitive advantage every time.
  5. Order histories
    A final function of the unified CRM/ERP solution should be to provide you, at all times, with visibility of order status, those in play and those completed. From this repository, you’ll find full analytics into buying behavior and propensity trends that will shape production planning and sales initiatives.

Next Stop, Service and Support

When implementing a business platform with complete CRM and ERP functionality, don’t lose sight of the full supply chain. Your production and sales teams also need visibility and access to post sale service and support events. How a customer is handled through a bad experience will be critical to your shared success, especially in a world of hyper-connected, social media aware, consumers.
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