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Achieving Complex Chemical Manufacturing Formulations with Dynamics 365 and ProductVision®

Published March 29 2018
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As a chemical manufacturer (paint, coatings, chemicals and ink), your product is unique and complex. Therefore, having the ability to create new or modify existing formulas is essential to the distinctiveness of your product. Rapidly creating and modifying formulations allow chemical companies the ability to provide value to its customers – an essential key in building brand recognition. Additionally, having the ability to adapt to specific customer needs also gives manufacturers the opportunity to enter new markets.

So how exactly can a chemical manufacturer best achieve these complex formulations and streamline the product development process?

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations — a robust standard project management module that enables chemical companies the ability to track the activities involved in process manufacturing. Out-of-the-box, Dynamics 365 helps with tracking all efforts through each phase of product development lending to quality, cost and compliance associated with each unique formula.

But some companies need more than basic out-of-the-box capabilities. For situations that require extra functionality, the Fullscope team also has a strategic partnership with Advanced Software Designs and their ProductVision® software. ProductVision® was designed to meet the special needs of process manufacturers. Advanced Software Designs and Fullscope have many years of experience in designing easily configurable integrations between ProductVision® and Dynamics 365. These seamless interfaces typically consist of updating raw material information (costs) in ProductVision and transferring formula information to Dynamics 365. As an example, when a formula finishes the product development process, it is seamlessly sent to Dynamics 365. Information includes composition, instructions, costing and property/specification information.

Formula Export PV to Dynamics

Productvision to Microsoft Dynamics 365 graphic

Resource Import Dynamics to PV

Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Productvision