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Adoption of Technology and Innovation in the Construction Industry

Published September 10 2020

One thing the past several months have made clear, is that it is extremely important for manufacturers to keep up with change. Advanced automation and innovations will effect more and more of the construction industry, which has traditionally not been fast adopters.


McKinsey Research estimates that industry productivity will be boosted by as much as 60%, which translates into $1.6 trillion in value. 1  As more and more companies adopt new technologies, those who don’t keep up with the times will be left in the past.


Technology that will help those in the construction industry stay ahead – Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Gain visibility across the entire supply chain

Products and materials may change hands several times from plant to plant and vendor to manufacturer. Gain visibility into not only your processes, but your suppliers’. Address bottlenecks or shortages early on.

  • Uncover growth in a global market

Exceed customer expectations by enabling in-office and on-the-go employees to share critical data across geographies and organizational boundaries. Convert more opportunities and grow with existing customers. 

  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions

Don’t be caught off-guard by changes in raw material costs and adapt quickly to seasonal demand shifts. Model production capabilities, adjust product mix, and collaborate with suppliers, partners and customers.

  • Drive sales productivity and collaboration

Give your sales team the tools to become more productive and to build customer relationships across channels that deliver. Connect them with your marketing, service and operations teams on a single intuitive platform to drive results faster.

Download this eBook as it examines the challenges of manufacturing market sectors which are particularly impacted by fluctuations in construction. It also presents how Microsoft Dynamics solutions can be effective tools for building and construction product manufacturers to meet those challenges head-on as they pursue their objectives.




1 “This Robot Miner Explores Areas Too Dangerous for Humans,” Construction Dive,, November 29, 2017.