Are You Equipped for a Recall? The Importance of Food Lot Traceability

Published February 12 2018 by Glenn Goulding
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Food recalls are a nightmare for anyone involved. As a food manufacturer, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of a product recall—and without a modern software system, the consequences are nightmarish. Running your organization with the tools to help optimize operations and streamline food product tracking and recall activities can make the world of a difference.

An organization must have up-to-date tools that help transfer, track and follow up on all sorts of different recall activities throughout the business. The Dynamics 365 solution set brings a lot of robust functionality around these elements enabling an organization to tackle several essentials needs, such as:

  • Engaging customers
  • Empowering employees
  • Optimizing operations
  • Transforming products 

This solution set is a tool that helps engage customers and empower employees in the sense that your employees have a powerful tool that they understand because it's in the Microsoft world and uses familiar Microsoft terms and icons. This is a tool set that that you can leverage within your organization to keep track of traceable items, dealing with all the aspects of recalls and brand awareness —all the different items that food manufacturers face and deal with on a daily basis.

This series will have 3 areas of focus:

  1. Avoiding specific negative impacts on customer health, financial exposure to your business, and your brand
  2. Preparing for a recall
  3. How to start migrating towards a fully automated food lot traceability system

Watch this 30 minute session where you'll learn how to resolve the Top 3 Food Manufacturing issues and get back in control of lot traceability: Food Traceability: The Real (and Devastating) Costs of Not Investing in a Modern System

Glenn, a top Senior Account Executive for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, has over 15 years of experience digitally transforming upper mid-market manufacturing organizations across the United States.

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