Automatically Collect and Track Emails with Dynamics 365 Auto Capture

Published June 7 2017 by Diane Esposito
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The purpose of a system like Dynamics 365 is to collect, manage and analyze all of the diverse data and communications throughout the sales process. An email is an important part of that process, which is why Dynamics 365 integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

The new auto capture feature for Dynamics 365 makes it easier than ever to find relevant messages from your Exchange inbox and convert them into tracked messages in Dynamics.

Auto Capture feature


Auto capture scans your Exchange inbox for emails related to whatever you're working on in Dynamics 365 and presents these as candidates that you should consider adding to tracked messages.

Track email in Dynamics 365

Here's an opportunity in Dynamics 365. All of the information related to it is right here at your fingertips including contact details and activity history.

Dynamics 365 Opportunity Summary

Auto capture has discovered several untracked emails in this inbox that seem like they're related to this opportunity.

Auto Capture example


That might be because they came from an email address of someone associated with the opportunity or because they mentioned this deal specifically.


Auto Capture example


Right now the only person who can see this email is the owner of the inbox because it's stored in their personal email mailbox. If you spot any message that you'd like to share with your team you can track them here with just one click.


Auto Capture Activities


This enables the team to access communication with customers more easily while working on a deal.

The feature couldn't be simpler to use but it does require some support from your administrator to get started. If you don't see the feature when working in Dynamics 365 , then talk to administrator about enabling it or contact us for support.

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