Automatically Follow Records Matching a Condition in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Published April 18 2013 by Gus Gonzalez
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As mentioned on my October column regarding Social CRM and the importance of utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Feeds (; I wanted to show you how to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to automatically make a user follow a record that matches certain conditions.

For this article, I've decided to configure a workflow that will fire up for opportunities created with an Estimated Revenue equal to or higher than $50,000 and it will make the owner's manager 'follow' the opportunity automatically.

First step is to create a workflow: Navigate to Settings -> Processes -> New:

Include the condition for your automatic follow on the name of the workflow, this makes it easier to identify in the future:

On the workflow, I will select when a record is created and when the "Est. Revenue" field changes (In case an opportunity is created with an estimated revenue lower than $50,000 but then is changed to a value equal to or higher than $50,000).

On the first step of the workflow, I will check that the opportunity is open and that the Est. Revenue is equal to or higher than $50,000:

If the condition is met, we will set the auto-follow by utilizing the "Create Record -> Follow" step:

On the "Create: Follow" step, click on the "Set Properties" button and configure your automatic "Follow" record:

Notice how I have selected the owner's manager on the "Form Assistant" right navigation pane and set that user as the "owner" of this "follow" record.

Save the changes and activate your workflow.

To test the new workflow, I will create a new opportunity with estimated revenue equals to or higher than $50,000 and follow the opportunity right away:

My user profile shows Mark Wilson as my manager:

A few seconds later, after the workflow has executed successfully, the opportunity owner's manager will be following that record:

You can add more steps to the workflow to set more users or team members to automatically follow Microsoft Dynamics CRM records based on a condition. For example, if an opportunity is owned by user A, set users B, C and D to automatically follow that opportunity.

This is another way to exploit the social capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

If you have any questions regarding these steps, please contact us.

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