BBQ du maire : Paul Raymond walked away with the honours thanks to his perfect cooking technique

Published June 14 2016
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Quebec City, June 14, 2016 – At his now-famous barbecue, Quebec City mayor Régis Labeaume took on Paul Raymond, President and CEO of Alithya, in an entertaining battle of the grillmasters! Both candidates tested their cocktail shaking and outdoor cooking skills with personalized versions of the classic mojito and by grilling the veal ribs and scallops that were on the menu for the cause of YWCA Québec. Although the mayor and president of the IT consulting firm were both confident of taking the title, Paul Raymond walked away with the honours thanks to his perfect cooking technique, much enjoyed by the judges and guests.

“I had a great time lending a hand with the mayor’s barbecue as honorary co-chair and was especially pleased to support YWCA Québec in continuing to promote women's contribution to our society,” said Paul Raymond, President of Alithya. “Our firm shares the values of respect and well-being, and we’re proud to provide a diverse work environment that values the contribution of all our professionals. Since we encourage all talents at Alithya, I am happy to have contributed my culinary and grilling skills for the benefit of YWCA Québec!” Paul Raymond is proud to have wielded his tongs and spatula for such a great cause.

YWCA Québec

YWCA Québec has launched a major renovation and expansion project expected to cost $17.6 million, to which the city is contributing $6 million. This contribution will go toward construction of a new sports and recreation building.

“We are very grateful to be receiving the proceeds from the mayor's barbecue and for the city’s support of the YWCA, which is a great cause. Every year, 280 women seek shelter at the YWCA for a range of reasons. Whatever these reasons may be, our team is there to welcome them, day or night, 365 days a year,” explained Marie-France Poulin, President of YWCA Québec. “That's why fundraising by the mayor’s barbecue is critical to the day-to-day work of our teams.”