Best Practices for Using Email Templates with your CRM

Published July 7 2014 by Natasha Spurr
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To be truly effective, email marketing involves planning, lots of work, and a bit of patience. With so much competition from other communication outlets it's critical that you follow proven best practices for making your emails count.

A few important rules to follow when designing your email templates:

  1. Personalize to Maximize Readership – With the help of a dynamic subscription list and a good CRM, you can make the subject lines and the email content more personal, which will improve your open and click through rates.
  2. Show Purpose in the Preview Pane - Within the first 8 to 10 lines (approx. 3 inches in height on the average computer screen) of your email, be sure to make a compelling case for a recipient to open and read your email.
  3. Have One, Clear Call-to-Action – Before using your email template and sending to your list, be sure you can answer the simple question of "what do I want recipients to do when they get this email?" If it's easy to answer this for yourself, then it will be clear for the recipient to know the next step that you're suggesting they take.

Of course, there's more to email marketing effectiveness than a few simple rules to follow. Improving prospect and customer interactions involves defining an appropriate methodology, executing it appropriately, and using a best in class CRM solution, such as Dynamics CRM from Microsoft. 

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Natasha is an experienced CRM professional with a unique ability to work across both marketing and sales functions. As CRM Marketing Manager at Edgewater Fullscope, Natasha has helped the organization to achieve multiple global partner awards and leadership status across the UK and beyond.

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