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Published May 15 2009 by Alithya Ranzal
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During the recent COLLABORATE 2009 Conference, Ranzal was selected to present a session designed around showing how to use the reporting tools from either traditional Hyperion or Oracle (formerly Siebel Analytics) and deliver content to smart phones.  The session started off with an overview of smart phones, methods of delivery to those phones and some potential pitfalls and considerations, such as what if a user loses their phone? What kind of security policies need to be in place?  Then a couple quick demonstrations in Hyperion were given which included a few tips and tricks on formatting.  This was all done using Interactive Reporting and Workspace.  Lastly, a couple quick demos in OBIEE Answers were provided to the attendees.

The demos were done in Hyperion version 9, although the content was pertinent for version 11 as well.  Some of the common themes in the demonstrations were focus around timely information (i.e. there is no need to send a month report to a cell phone) and focus on exceptions instead of a whole data set (cell phone reporting should be more around focusing on a problem that needs attention than sending a whole dashboard or report).

A copy of the presentation from COLLABORATE 2009 can be found at

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