Briggs Equipment Partners with Edgewater Fullscope - The Go To Partner for Equipment Dealers - for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Published August 28 2018 by Alison Parker
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When Briggs Equipment decided it was time to implement a CRM, they found Fullscope and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be the obvious choice. Fullscope's experience with equipment dealers on the Microsoft Dynamics CE platform coupled with the features and functionality of Dynamics 365 made their decision a no-brainer. 

Evaluation of CRM Solutions

As the business experienced massive growth, leadership came to realize a CRM was vital for delivering a superior customer experience. Briggs previously had a CRM system and knew that they needed to chose the best CRM and partner to ensure this implementation was successful. When choosing their CRM solution, Briggs narrowed the choices from a number of different platforms. To make the right decision, options were evaluated based on 5 categories:
1. Feature/Function
2. Cost
3. Company
4. Technology
5. Implementation

Initial Target Business Outcomes

Briggs is in the beginning stages of measuring their payback and ROI from the CRM implementation.  The plan is to focus on adoption in the first 90 days, productivity for the next 3 months, and finally, revenue for 3 months after that. Thus far, Briggs has found strong adoption in terms of the team managing opportunities and job sites in Dynamics. 

When Fullscope first engaged, Briggs targeted outcomes, payback, and ROI in the following areas:
1. Customer Retention (Retain)
2. Customer Conquest (Gain)
3. Customer Growth (Grow)
4. Customer and Equipment Sales Journey (Contract)

To learn more about how Fullscope and Dynamics 365 can help you to reach your business outcomes, read the full success story.

Alison has a strong background in project management, giving her the ability to really understand her customer’s business. With over 20 years dedicated to customer success through technologies like CRM, she brings both technical and analytical skills to help customers structure their business objectives into actionable outcomes.

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