Can FDM reduce my monthly close cycle?

Published October 15 2008 by Alithya Ranzal
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How many varieties of gold fish do you have?

With many of our clients, Oracle / Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) is the preferred data loading mechanism for Hyperion Enterprise and Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) owing largely to its intuitive end-user interface. We find that FDM users will often refer to their progress in terms of how many gold fish they have. And no, these aren’t the Pepperidge Farm variety.

While the data load process is very straight forward, it does require a user to extract a trial balance from the general ledger, import the file into the FDM repository, fix any mapping issues and then export the data to Hyperion Enterprise/HFM. This means that a close cycle is only as timely as your least efficient business unit.

We have worked with clients to leverage the capabilities of FDM to provide an elegant solution that is intended to drive out efficiencies in your company’s close cycle. FDM is configured to extract trial balance data directly from a general ledger, load into FDM’s repository, map unmapped members to a suspense account/entity and then load & consolidate Enterprise/HFM.Leveraging Ranzal & Associates’ expertise with FDM, this solution can help your close cycle become more streamlined and managed by exception - potentially resulting in days being removed from your existing close cycle.

Contributed by:
Tony Scalese, FDM Design Lead
Hyperion Certified Consultant – HFM
Ranzal & Associates

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