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Canada’s tech sector gender gap: we’re working to fix it!

Published November 2 2017
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Sean Silcoff’s article “‘We absolutely have a problem’: Canada’s tech sector gender gap”, which appeared in The Globe and Mail on November 1st was deeply troubling. While it is true that there is a gender disparity in the tech industry, especially when compared to other industries or Canadian stock index companies, one should not assume that all tech companies suffer from a “Silicon Valley culture” of “‘toxic masculinity’ in which many tech leaders have little interest in the diversity issue”.

That statement could not be further from the truth here at Alithya. We make it a point to hire people for their personal values as the key to fulfilling our commitment to our clients. And hire people, we do! The Quebec Employer Board (CPQ) awarded Alithya the National Job Creator Champion Prize at the Prix Créateurs d’emplois du Québec in recognition of our contribution to the province’s economic development. We prioritize candidates who match our corporate philosophy for respect, well-being, passion, trust, integrity and creativity, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.

Moreover, Alithya is proud to have earned a coveted place in the much-admired 30% Club, an international movement that advocates diversity and promotes initiatives to include women and all genders in talent management strategies at the executive level.

Our firm has enjoyed great success and phenomenal growth thanks to our diverse teams but we are fully aware there is still a lot of ground to cover before equality is achieved. We have always strived to distinguish ourselves in terms of employment equity, diversity, and the place of women in management. Joining the 30% Club in October of last year was an important step in that direction and we continue to work tirelessly to ensure that we provide merit-based, diversified representation at all levels of management.