Chemical Manufactures – How to Maintain Compliance with Microsoft Dynamics

Published May 3 2018 by Emir Dobraca
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One of the most important aspects to your chemical manufacturing business is having an ERP system that is aware of product restrictions and enables you the ability to stay compliant with the multitude of industry regulations. When your ERP system is aware of set restrictions, detecting mistakes early on in the process is possible.

Microsoft Dynamics helps specialty chemical manufacturers:

  1. Manage product compliance
  2. Provide real-time insights into cost trends
  3. Make proactive decisions using data analytics
  4. Provide complete batch attributed tracking

A common challenge for chemical companies, is abiding by regulations or restrictions on certain products. Let’s take the ban on Methylene Chloride in California for example – this is a solvent found in paint and varnish stripper. In order to remain compliant with a restricted product such as this, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (D365), Microsoft’s software solution, will display an error message when entering a sales order for that particular state, thus preventing inaccurate shipment to a restricted area.

d365 FO error screen shot

Another business challenge that chemical companies face is the need for compliance reporting. D365 helps by allowing you to store the required data and report it. It will also track usage and present the results in any format required to help with the regulatory documents and other documents required for compliance reporting.

Take look at this video, Managing Regulatory and Compliance Challenges with Microsoft Dynamics, to see a demonstration of how to deal with these business issues.

  • Entering a sales order
  • Product Regulations
  • Compliance Reporting

Managing Regulartory Compliance_CTA

As an account executive specializing in the chemical industry, Emir helps companies begin their digital transformation. He knows the unique challenges that face the industry, like regulatory requirements, quality controls and traceability, and helps companies harness technology to meet these goals.

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