Choosing the Right Partner for a CRM Initiative

Published August 29 2017 by Jennifer Alspach
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Often when working with a new customer it’s the second time they’re updating their software or kicking off a CRM initiative. Something we hear quite often in these instances is “Our last partner let us do whatever we wanted.” You CAN do almost anything with CRM. You can use it for sales, marketing, and service and roll everything out at once. However, if you do too much, or don’t focus on really important business objectives, lacking to no adoption is a common consequence. Ultimately, in these scenarios, the company ends up wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars. How do you prevent that from happening?

Best Practices

What we bring to the table is best practices. How do we get you out the door faster, so that you get time to value quicker? We bring in concepts of how the organization needs to change in order to succeed with a CRM initiative. In fact, we’ve recently share this article on setting your business up for successful CRM that talks about organizational structure.

Continuous Support

Going live with software is just the beginning of the process. This is because it’s hard to know exactly what you need until you get it out the door and actually start using it. After you go live with CRM you want to meet at least monthly with your solution architect – the person who helped you design the system. This drives you to the business outcomes and tactics you laid out at the beginning of the project, so that you can get to where you want to be. The solution architect will also talk to you about adoption and cover how to engage and train your team on CRM in the most efficient manner. They’ll also be able to look at how your team is using the software, talk about best practices, and discover what’s working for you and what isn’t. It’s a continuing discussion beyond that stage of going live.

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Ongoing Conversations

To help your business succeed, you should be having regular conversations with your CRM partner. We call these executive sessions, and cover items like:

  • Target business outcomes
    • Tactics you’re employing to drive these
  • What’s happening/new in your business
  • What’s working and what’s not
  • What’s next to continue to align CRM and business goals

This is an ongoing process, because things change, businesses change, the software changes, what the business wants and needs changes.

As an implementation partner we are continually working with businesses to make sure they get the help they need to get to where they’re trying to go. Check out this video that shows how we approach the partnership:

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Jennifer is a seasoned marketer with a passion for CRM. She knows that CRM can help you work as smart as you do hard. Jennifer has a software focused background in Distribution, Manufacturing, and Services.

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