Conducting Mock or Product Recalls with Microsoft Dynamics

Published August 8 2018 by Glenn Goulding
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Recall - a dreaded word for any food or beverage manufacturer. In the event of an actual recall, your responsiveness and actions will dictate your industry reputation and brand appeal.  Mock recalls help you prepare, but even a mock recall is a stressful event for an organization without the proper systems and procedures in place.  Having to periodically perform quality recall audits comes with the territory of being a food or beverage manufacturer, but the stress does not need to follow along.   

Tasks like tracing and removing contaminated products, as well as addressing the cause of the contamination,  must be completed with urgency.  Your customer’s well-being depends on your swift and accurate actions.

Microsoft Dynamics allows you to aggressively streamline and simplify the recall process by providing you with key information when it is needed and in the format you require; all leading to an process that is rapid, thorough and comprehensive.

Watch this demo to see how Microsoft Dynamics, sold by Edgewater Fullscope can help food manufacturers:

  • Handle a product recall
  • Track corrective and preventative actions
  • Address instrument calibration and flexible sampling
  • Maintain business continuity plans
  • Keep a register of product spec, rework product details, critical food safety limits validation and inspections.

Video: Conducting Mock or Product Recalls with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP

To learn more, download our guide, Can You Survive a Recall?  This eBook will walk you through how you can resolve the top 3 food manufacturing issues and get back in control of lot traceability.

Glenn, a top Senior Account Executive for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, has over 15 years of experience digitally transforming upper mid-market manufacturing organizations across the United States.

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