CRM 2013 Bulk Workflow Tool for XRMToolBox

Published August 15 2014 by Andy Popkin
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So it has been about a year since I released the original CRM Bulk Workflow Tool and to my surprise a lot of people downloaded it! Almost once a week co-workers and colleagues are telling me how they are able to solve some would be major headache of a problem in seconds rather than hours using the tool.

After releasing the Bulk Workflow tool, I started to come up with a couple other apps and distributed them to a few people for testing. I also started to use the XRMToolBox almost non-stop. If you have never seen or used the XRMToolBox than you are missing out! So many great apps to solve various day-to-day "CRM Administrator" headaches, all available in one application.

From editing Web Resources to transferring solutions between CRM instances, if there is something you do every day chances are there is an XRMToolBox tool that will help you out.

After talking to Tanguy, the creator of XRMToolBox, and discussing our views on how awesome it is to give CRM Administrators the power to do so much in one package, I started coding... Introducing the first of many XRMToolBox add-ins to come, the new CRM 2013 Bulk Workflow Tool.

CRM 2013 Bulk Workflow Tool

The premise of the tool is exactly the same, but rather than it being a standalone app, it is now embedded into the XRMToolBox! A few bug fixes/minor enhancements have been made to the code, but you still select the On Demand Workflow that you'd like to run in bulk, select a System or Personal view (or custom FetchXML Query) to obtain a record set to run the workflow against, and with one click you can kick off thousands of workflows. The workflows are still sent in batches of 200 which can be increased, and as of today this application will only work for CRM 2011 UR 12 and higher and any version of CRM 2013.

To get the CRM 2013 Bulk Workflow tool click HERE to download the .dll and add it to your XRMToolBox folder (make sure you are using the latest build, which you can download here).

I am always interested to hear what people that use this tool have to say so please feel free to contact us. Also be on the lookout for more XRMToolBox based Dynamics CRM tools in the near future! Thank you to Tanguy for helping Q/A this version, and for including this tool in future XRMToolBox versions!

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