Digital Transformation in Chemical Manufacturing

Published September 17 2018 by Emir Dobraca
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To embrace the digital revolution or not to embrace, that is the question. For many chemical manufacturers, the pressure of evolving digital processes is becoming increasingly substantial. After all, if it means staying ahead of the competition, then it’s essential to business survival. Furthermore, the chemical manufacturing industry is complex and therefore requires the most advanced technological tools for optimal and compliant production.

What does it mean to be a digital leader in the chemical industry?

Embracing the future of technology. Tools like Enterprise Resource Planning software enable businesses to make the shift from basic practices on and around the factory floor to connected and streamlined business processes. Embracing technology empowers manufacturers and creates a sense of digital leadership in the industry – something that addresses major chemical manufacturing needs such as these:

  • Access real-time inventory levels
  • Revolutionize data access
  • Optimize assets
  • Make use of off-spec materials
  • Meet safety, quality and compliance requirements

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Digital transformation is helping address and tackle the challenges faced in the industry; it’s helping to better engage with customers, build connected operations that dissolve siloed sectors of a company and, most importantly, help those to become digital leaders. With this evolution, organizations can look towards more control and increasing assets, minimization of operating costs and better monitoring of the impact of decisions on orders, production, inventory and distribution.

Read this case study on Inolex, an independent global specialty ingredient manufacturer who is making more informed decisions with visibility of real-time data while working towards international growth.   

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As an account executive specializing in the chemical industry, Emir helps companies begin their digital transformation. He knows the unique challenges that face the industry, like regulatory requirements, quality controls and traceability, and helps companies harness technology to meet these goals.

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