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Published October 31 2017 by Donna Coxon
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In our previous blog, Dynamics 365-Project Service Automation we explained that Project Service Automation was a Dynamics 365 application that enabled users to have an end-to-end solution from quote, to delivery, to invoice that gives a single system for customer engagement across all project related functions. Now let's dive into what the Customer Service application can offer. 

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service- gives users the ability to:

  • Adapt to changing needs
  • Empower every agent
  • Earn Customer loyalty

As we mentioned in earlier blogs, the Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution allows users to gain customer loyalty through stress free navigation and quick response functionalities. The app empowers employees by providing the tools to be fast and accurate in customer care. The functionalities behind this app lend a hand in improving the relationship between customer service agents and clients- which in turn maximizes brand loyalty. 

Now let's dive into a scenario where we have a customer using the self-service portal to log a case. Once they've logged the case, the customer service advisor using Customer Service with Dynamics 365 will receive the case, attempt to resolve the case and then convert it to a work order so that an engineer can be sent onsite. 

Customer service agent working in CRM:

The customer service agent will jump right into the Microsoft Dynamics solution and view all the cases from their service area.

Customer Service Dashboard.png

Customer Service dashboard pictured 

Not only can an agent view each case that comes in but they can also set up "auto-routing" where a case will automatically get routed to a particular agent or team. Within the case, the agent will see a business process flow that can be followed- which is Identify, Research, Resolve and Work Order.

Case Summary.png

This tool helps to easily define the stages of the process that an agent would want its customers to follow within CRM and then from that, an agent can add in things they would like the customer to do or info to complete. The agent can easily create work orders based on what particular issues there are and from that, the system automatically creates different service tasks that need to be completed by the engineer when they are onsite. The agent can even goes as far as to set up the level of priority as well.

Customer Service Hub.png

Customer Service Hub Pictured 

Note that there is also a Social Engagement feature that is part of Dynamics 365, which allows you to monitor what's happening on social media sites and create cases from that as well.

In the next instalment of this series, we will discuss the Field Service solution in detail. We will also include the final portion of this scenario where you will see what it looks like to utilize the app in CRM from the perspective of the field service scheduler and technician.  

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