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Published October 18 2017 by Natasha Spurr
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In our previous blog- Service, Service, Service, we discussed an overview of the functionalities offered within the CRM and Service portion of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We began with an introduction into Customer Service, Project Service Automation and Field Service.In this blog and the remaining blogs to follow, we will break down each of these service apps and explain further what can be delivered from each.

Let's begin with, Project Service Automation (PSA) - which includes functionality around:

  • Planning
  • Estimating
  • Pricing projects
  • Optimizing resource utilization
  • Tracking
  • Improving project tasks
  • Finances
  • Monitoring performance metrics

Project Service Automation enables users to:

  • Innovate to grow- by allowing users to set clear, companywide business priorities, make decisions quickly and grow profitably.
  • Enable productive employees- through automation technology, collaboration tools, training, and a complete view into client relationships.
  • Create profitable relationships- through earning customer loyalty with intelligent automation services that help deliver accurate estimates that meet expectations

For those in a project based organization, there is an importance to closely managing projects to ensure customer satisfaction and project profitability. With this application, users will have an end-to-end solution from quote, to delivery, to invoice that gives a single system for customer engagement across all project related functions. Overall, the functionality of this solution is about giving users the ability to enable on time, on budget project delivery while improving project efficiencies, collaboration, and profitability. Read, Real-life:Critical Challanges for Professional Service Organizations to learn about a company that has actually experienced the challenges and opportunities that many service organizations have questions about when it comes to PSA. 

PSA is very much a project management set of tools that enhance capability and meshes very well with the Field Service capability that we will discuss in further detail in the next installment of this series. To hear a real life example, watch Fullscope's customer BDO Drive UK talk about how these solutions have helped them "nail client services".  

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