Dynamics 365 Training Program – The Black Belt Series

Published November 17 2017 by Sydney Stoner
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Have you ever tried driving to a new destination without looking at signs or a roadmap? Unless you're just naturally gifted at navigation or just really great at guessing- it wouldn't be an easy task to accomplish. Like indicated in one of our previous articles, How-to Avoid CRM Failure: Have a Training Plan, we all need guidance and training. This is why we've developed a highly structured set of courses for Dynamics 365 admins, known as The Black Belt series.

The Black Belt series is a systematic approach created to train administrators on how to: setup, configure and manage their CRM system. The series has been created by CRM consultants who use the system every day so, best practices, how-tos and common scenarios are mixed into every course to help new administrators learn to own their system. 

The series includes: 7 parts with the first being the "White Belt", an introductory course into D365 for admins. White Belt is the first segment in the Black Belt series structured around the new update for Dynamics 365. This portion of the series has 8 lessons, each with its own knowledge check question, along with 6 scenario based labs that will give learners practical applications for the knowledge acquired throughout the course.

  1. User Overview: Adding, managing and searching for users in both Office 365 and D365.
  2. User Maintenance: In this lesson, we will look at the difference between users and teams, adding a user to a team, assigning managers and deactivating users.
  3. System Settings: As a system administrator, you need to address the following settings as you get your organization standing: Enabling Bing Maps, Search Options, Privacy, Legacy Form, Welcome Screen 
  4. Basics of Workflow: Understanding workflows and the benefits of using them.
  5. Form Configuration I: Configuring forms in D365 is vital to the organization to ensure users are capturing the right data for present and future use. Users will learn to add, remove and modify fields.
  6. Form Configuration II: We will look at understanding field types and creating custom fields. At the end of this section, you should feel a bit more confident in form configuration from start to finish.
  7. View Configuration I: In this lesson, users will examine the entity view page, adding and removing columns from a view and activating and deactivating a view.
  8. View Configuration II: In the final lesson of the white belt segment, users will build upon the first view configuration video- modifying, sorting and filtering views.

Remember, having a great training system leads to high adoption, and high adoption is required before business outcomes can be achieved. To learn more on achieving CRM success, take a look at this article, Incorporating the Corporate Training Program Leads to CRM Success

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As an E-Learning and Media Specialist Sydney works with Fullscope's training department to create all of the Dynamics365 University courses and custom video content for clients. Sydney has extensive experience training and helping customers increase user adoption amongst their employees.

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