Fullscope Helps the CBI to Gain a Better Understanding of Its Customers

Published December 5 2018 by Daniel Spurr
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CBI, the Confederation of British Industry, the UK’s premier business organisation, was using an on-premises CRM solution, and was not able to take advantage of the greater functionality of a cloud-based CRM.

It wanted to get closer to its members and understand when, how and why they bought additional services from the CBI. Its existing CRM solution could not achieve this. The CBI struggled to get its staff to adopt the old CRM solution, so it chose to switch to the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, which would also enable it to integrate CRM with the rest of its Microsoft solutions. The tight integration across the Microsoft product family creates a compelling case for companies to move to Dynamics 365. Learn how moving CRM to the cloud delivers business value.

The CBI was looking for a partner that had experience and a proven track record of upgrading on-premises CRM to the cloud. It also wanted a partner that had a clear implementation strategy.

Fullscope, an Alithya company, ran a business outcomes workshop for the CBI’s executive team, including the Deputy Director General, the Chief of Staff, the Commercial Operations Director and the Head of Marketing, to identify their priorities and to establish the ROI for the project.

Fullscope was able to help the CBI to identify the top three business outcomes that the organisation would like to achieve from a CRM upgrade. These were to:

  • improve interactions with prospects, customers and partners
  • better support management decision-making
  • increase revenue from existing customers

The project was then implemented and, since upgrading, the CBI has been able to integrate its financial systems (Microsoft GP) with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CBI has now gained a flexible and fully integrated CRM system that offers the organisation a 360-degree view of all its data.

Is it time you upgraded to Dynamics 365, CRM Online?

Future CRM products for the CBI will help them to achieve their business outcomes by creating a better client service experience with portal integration and voice of the customer, while Power BI will help the management team to interpret and act on business intelligence.

If you would like to learn more about how Fullscope, an Alithya company can help your business to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365, click here. 


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