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Published January 3 2019 by Chad Weiner
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With Microsoft’s recent announcement of predictable updates with continuous deployment, it’s as important as ever to stay up to date with the latest updates being made to the product. Whether you’re a CRM Admin, Business Analyst, or CTO, knowing what’s been added to the product is crucial for successfully setting your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Roadmap.

With Real Simple Syndication, or RSS, Outlook can easily “subscribe” to certain publishers and bring this information right to the place you’re typically spending most of your work time.

One thing I’ve been using RSS Feeds for lately to get the latest Release Notes from Microsoft delivered right to me when they publish them. This is helpful for knowing when Microsoft is pushing updates out and what those updates contain.

To add an RSS Feed to your Outlook:

Open Outlook and find the RSS Subscription folder. Right-click on it to Add a New RSS Feed

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Add in the RSS URL of the site you’d like to follow and click Add. In this case, let’s follow the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Team Blog to get the latest release notes and other D365 news.

Feed URL:

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Click Yes to add the RSS Feed to Outlook

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If you have an older version of Outlook, check out this article from Microsoft that may assist in adding a RSS Feed to a later version.

After successful add, you should see all the posts from the source pulled into your Outlook for review. Any new posts from that source will be delivered right to that folder.

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As a bonus, I suggest you add Dynamics CRM Tip of the Day feed to get daily tips delivered right to your Outlook.

Feed URL: 


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